Increase sales by bringing your in-store experience online.

Experience the showroom in action

An interactive showroom that connects your sales associates and customers

Showroom features

One-on-one engagement

Sales associates can engage one-to-one with consumers through personal video

Product demonstrations

Sellers can virtually present products and its benefits to your customers, just like in-store

Control your sales process

Easy-to-use tools allow you to build sales methodology and optimize revenue for the brand

Consumers want the convenience of online
with the support of a human sales associate.

88% make big ticket purchases in store

“88% of consumers prefer to purchase big-ticket items at the store, because of sales associate and better view of the product”

81% higher basket value

“Shoppers who interact with sales associates are 43% more likely to buy on average, with transaction values that are 81% higher.”

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About Feelcommerce

FeelCommerce helps brands incorporate personal shoppers and real-life virtual product demonstrations into the online shopping experience.

Founded by veteran entrepreneurs Oren Harnevo, Sharon Segev and Ruti Zisser, FeelCommerce emerged as a response to the challenges that COVID-19 posed to brick-and-mortar establishments. Over 12,000 stores closed in 2021 alone, and sales reps became an underutilized asset that retailers wanted to deploy for ecommerce.

The company has raised $5 million from leading venture capital firms such as Rho Ventures, Viola Ventures and is also backed by well-known angels including former eBay CFO and Skype CEO Michael Van Swaij.